Monday, October 26, 2009


Wow, fun weekend we just had. Guess who came to our house for lunch?? Kayla, our inspirational guest and her parents, Lisa and Jeff.
We went to our Myotonic Dystrophy support group, which takes place every quarterly and Lisa, Jeff and kayla came down from Sacramento for the occasion.

The support group was very informational as the guest speaker was a cardiologist who was invited to answer all our questions regarding MMD and how the disease impacts the heart. He was thorough, yet concise and we came out of the meeting feeling more cognizant of what might or might not be present for us in the future.

After the meeting, which lasts two hours, we invited Kayla and her parents to come to our house before heading north. We bought some lunch and scrumptious cakes and got to share some quality time discussing our daily routines, therapies but also laughing about life and how much our respective child has done and how Kayla, most of all is beating the odds every day.
She signed the alphabet for us and left saying Zoé's name over and over again. Needless to say, Zoé was in awe! Kayla is her mentor!

I felt so honored to share this impromptu luncheon with Kayla and her family, as they are true inspiration for us. Inspirational regarding what lies ahead. Inspirational about being upbeat and full of energy.
Here are some pictures of this spur-of-the moment lunch and wonderful day.

PS: you can learn more about Kayla if you wish, by visiting her blog on "Cure for kayla".

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