Thursday, October 16, 2014

Speech 101--Lost in Translation

Translation of French document for the speech pathologist at school.
As you know everything is linked regarding the face: swallowing, speech, jaw, lips, cheek, tongue, palate, etc.
They mention to start with labial work, alternating maximum stretching of the lips for 5 minutes and then rounding of the lips for another 5 minutes (I think they mention adults…not sure Zoé can do that for 5 minutes!)
The warm up phase is really important.

For this type of work, they ask that speech therapists enable the patient to have breaks, because they might get really tired.  Zoé could never work her mouth and lips for 5 minutes in a row...
It will be hard to add tone to Zoé’s face to avoid the nasal sound, but by making those muscles work, we might be able to augment Zoé’s articulation and precision when talking.

Cold and fatigue increase the myotonia (release of the muscles) therefore it is good to start with warm up session, repetitious movements and heat can alleviate the myotonia.  In Utah, the speech therapist used a mouth guard and Zoé had to grab it with her lips, not her teeth and the provider would pull on it to strengthen the mouth, lip closure, etc.
Maybe we should also implement cues for Zoé to know when to shut her mouth, 2 fingers on the lips: to know it is a bilabial sound, teeth on upper lip for: TH, F sounds,etc..

In the past, we worked on putting a cheerio between her lips that she had to hold there for a few seconds, sucking whipped cream off her finger, closing the mouth tight.
Blowing pieces of tissue off a table, or feathers, blowing through a straw on cotton balls, and racing, playing the kazoo (Maybe too distracting for other students), I have her blow on liquid ink through a straw to make fun patterns and designs (adding a goggly eye to the pattern to make a monster).
These are just ideas, of course the document really went into scientific data that I don’t think would be useful at this point.

On November 5th, Zoé is going to a cranio-facial clinic appointment at Lucille Packard’s Children Hospital to assess her mouth and facial configuration. She will see a speech pathologist, a dentist, orthodontist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, otolaryngologist, and the list goes on. I will definitely let you know what comes out of it.

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