Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Don't Label Me

I love this poem, it captures the essence of what Zoé probably feels at school everyday. And not just Zoé, all children. I must remember to keep it in mind when I help her do her HW.
I hope you enjoy.

By Barbara K. Given, Ph.D.
I am not “disabled.”
I learn differently.
I am not “handicapped.”
I take in and use information that is somewhat unique to me. Others may see me as handicapped when they
insist on teaching me in ways through which
I cannot learn or when they insist that
I demonstrate my abilities in ways that are
comfortable for them but not for me.
It is not I who is out of step, inadequate, handicapped or disabled.
It is the system.
I don’t want my teacher to be my pal,
but I do want a model and a friend.
I don’t want my teacher to make life easy for me,
but I do want a teacher filled with a
conviction that what he or she teaches is
important enough for me to learn and
I do want a teacher who has enthusiasm that
encourages me to keep working until I learn.
I don’t want to be the teacher’s pet, but
I do want to be treated as a person worthy of
respect in spite of my learning style or
because of it.
I don’t want a teacher who demands praise, but
I do want a teacher who understands my
respect even if I show it in an awkward and
sometimes hostile way.
I don’t want a brain transplant, but
I do want to learn as much as
I am able.
I don’t want a label, but
I do want an appropriate education.
I don’t want to be called “learning disabled”,
I do want to learn.
Teach me. Don’t label me.