Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun Visitor from NYC

Odile left today and I must admit it was a wonderful visit; a much needed one. I think it is so good for me to see things from someone else's perspective, and a dear friend at that, and Odile thought Zoé looked great! I know she looks great and is doing tremendously well, it just helps to hear it from someone else.

Unfortunately, Zoé got croup this week, so we had to postpone a couple therapies , daycare and a sightseeing trip into San Francisco with Odile.

Actually, it might have a been a blessing in disguise, as I got to stay in my pajamas for an entire morning, lounging about, playing with Zoé, reading books and drawing.
We hadn't done that in such a long time, that I was somewhat "thankful" for this little bout of croup.
Zoé is doing much better now and I think she also needed this rest.

Therapy will start again on Monday and we have a busy week ahead, with the new episode of casting on the foot. Hope all goes well this time, for David leaves on Monday for a 5-day business trip, and it will be hard coping with Zoé's discomfort.

Zoé is doing great, and I want to make sure all of you readers out there know it. I have "lost" (though I know in my heart that we are still close) touch with some dear friends of mine since I started the blog, and I am afraid these friends think that Zoé is so challenged that maybe they don't know how to relate to what we are going through.

I want to make it clear that all is well, and eventhough sometimes my posts are a bit cheerless, you must know that all is good here.

I look at Zoé with so much faith and confidence that you mustn't fear to reach out.
I know it is hard when you are faced to the unknown, to the community of special needs, but we are proud members of it!

I recently read about Katherine Heigl, the Grey's Anatomy actress, (I have actually never watched an episode of this series) and her adventure with adoption. She just adopted what the magazine entitled "a special needs girl from China".
In her letter to the editor, a mother commented on that title, saying that it was incorrect to call it a "special needs kid", but that it was better to say" a child with special needs". Indeed, Down Syndrome does not qualify her son, she said.
I would like to emphasize that as well. MMD does not identify Zoé, it doesn't define who she is. It just adds depth to the wonderful little girl I love and cherish.

I hope this finds you well.
A big thank you to Catherine and Peter for your never ending positive comments. They bring the blog to life and I am proud that you enjoy reading it!

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Anne said...

j'aurais bien aimé venir avec Odile cette semaine mais j'ai appris ses projets juste quelques jours avant son départ ! J'ai bien pensé à vous et j'imagine que la semaine fut très relaxante en sa présence.
Désolée d'apprendre que Zoé a eu le croup. Muguet l'a attrapé 3 fois l'an dernier. C'est vraiment terrible chez les petits. Elle doit être fatiguée ta pauvre louloute.
Gros bisous