Thursday, October 29, 2009

Serial casting--part 3

Serial casting, we are back.
Trish and Julie (Zoé's Physical Therapists) decided that instead of putting Zoé's foot at 90 degree (Impossible, at this stage) they would work on the heel and then work on the forefoot in our future sessions.
The casting went relatively well with Zoé on her belly, watching her DVD of sing-along-songs and playing with Barbie's phone.
We drove back from San Ramon, a town 30 minutes away from home (with no traffic, closer to 45 minutes in rush hour traffic).
We wedged a box in the back seat so that Zoé's foot could be in an upright position. When I carry her, I have to hold the foot as well, for if it dangles it puts too much pressure on the heel.
I place the cast on my lap when I feed her, there's always a technique one has to try...
The night was uneventful, despite Zoé's crying a few times for she kept banging her cast in the bed railing.
I had to place her back in the right position in the middle of the night a couple of times.
I am soooo happy that we've started casting again, for I am now really focused on Zoé's walking as our next goal.

Yet, Zoé is now able to communicate quite well, and she keeps pointing at her cast saying: "enlever" (Take off) I keep telling her how wonderful it looks, how I wish I could have one too...oh little white lies...never hurt anyone, right?!

After having croup (Laryngitis) last week, she now has a double ear infection and I am sick with some sort of cold( cough, sore throat, canker sores), I think I've been in denial of how much we've both been through. Constantly rushing here and there, leaving the house every morning at 8h45 am...I really enjoyed staying in my PJ's this morning till 9h30, what a treat!!!

We are getting ready for Halloween as there is a great parade on Piedmont Avenue (the main strip). we'll take Zoé in her cat costume; Le Chat!!! her favorite animal, and the first word she ever pronounced!

She is also obsessed with spiders, she simply adores them. We've decorated the house with a few tarantulas, a crow, a wild black cat and some jack'O Lantern stickers and light bulbs on the window panes.

We usually go for a stroll everyday so that we can see the few haunted houses in our neighborhood.

And we decorated our own mini pumpkin!
More to come regarding Halloween, till then we wish you a happy Trick or Treat jamboree and lots of candy ;-)

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Fiamma said...

she looks so cute there in my favorite stroller ever!
i am a little crazy-- i love strollers and babies-- perhaps the baby part is not so crazy-
momma's are always reinventing and creating new tricks-
we're rooting for her here in NY! miss you guys!