Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Hair Day

Big news about yesterday'S Helmet Apointment: we are trying without the helmet for a month to see whether Zoé's head can change on its own. I was exstatic!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee: barrettes and bow galore. I can go crazy on her hairdoes and don'ts.
It will be interesting to see how she evolves.

It is a new adjustment for Zoé, adjusting to temperature, sensory elements such as the wind in her hair, the sun, wearing soft cotton hats instead of this plastic foamy helmet.

I can remember the first day she wore it, Dad's birthday: April 25th 2008. I was in tears, for as I was alone in NYC, I had to find a way to prop her on a pillow while squeezing it on her little head!

Now, of course, it's like second skin, she wears it on, off, and lately she managed to figure out the Velcro strap.

The first night she wore it, she was 4 months old and she cried every hour. It was the most painful night of them all.

But much water has run under the bridge of experience, and Zoé has gone through so many things, from football coach to astronaut, she can now be a dainty little girl, enjoying her bows and hats.

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Anonymous said...

Whoopie Zoé !!you are not only off and running, your going to have loads of good hair days. Nanny and Pappy love you and miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! Good work Sarah, how about the surprise you had last night???? We can't wait to skype and hear all about it;

Love you,

Papa and Mom