Monday, October 5, 2009


Aloha to all.

We just spent a wonderful weekend and it will probably take us a week to recover.
The best of all was the surprise visit of Uncle Eman who came from France for an evening. He was on business in LA and flew up for 17 hours in our company. We had a fantastic surprise party with Mel, Julie, Terah and Leslie: BBQ fish Mexican style, tacos and all.

Zoé was thrilled to have a full house. The next day she had pizza for the first time and did say the word 'pizza' quite well. I guess it's the only "P word" she can pronounce.

She is now a talker, she loves words such as: Araignée (Spiders for Halloween decorations), journal (Newspaper), cut ( for cup, tasse) On her palette of words, she also added these colors today: blue and purple.

Then on Sunday she went to Chacha's Aloha Birthday Party. Chacha's mom is Hawaian, so the theme was quite exotic. Charlotte is Zoé's mentor. She just turned 3 and uses a walker like Zoé to move around. Zoé is Charlotte's little protegé, and it is so nice to see them get along so well.

The weekend ended with Zoé's first Sukot party where she had fun chasing dogs and baseballs.

On the occupational therapy front we are now starting a brushing therapy, where we try to tickle Zoé's bad foot to make it react and respond so that her foot may curl out instead of folding inward. The brush I use is a surgical brush with very fine bristles. It is quite amazing how it affects Zoé's sensory input. It must trigger an impulse in her muscles that make the foot contract in the opposite direction.

We are also thinking of using the kinesio tape I used on the feet, around her mouth in order for it to open and close in a stronger fashion. We might start that next Monday.

It seems that we always have a trick up our sleeve. If it doesn't hurt, why not give it a try. Zoé is so compliant, that we are lucky to try new techniques and types of therapies. Speaking of which, you may notice how we are playing with flowers and bows in her hair. I have to say, she has not yet adjusted to the no-helmet feel, and bumps her head here and there. We must pay extra care to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

I guess the helmet was a blessing in disguise, because I wouldn't worry when she took some free falls.

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Catherine said...

Little Zoe is surrounded with loving family and friends and we have formed the Zoe Fan Club in our family. Zoe has become a part of our daily lives and we look forward to reading about her amazing adventures on your blog Sarah. Her life without the helmet will be just fine and like with all children, you and David will be moving anything in her path that seems like a dangerous obstruction or obstacle along her favorite route. I remember Pieter crawling around on his knees imagining he was "child high" moving things around the living room for David..this may be a good thing for you to try. We will be waiting for the next fun photos. Zoe is pretty in pink with her shiny hair and feminine little bows!! Love to you all, Catherine and Pieter