Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Foot Fetish

No I am not talking about my last pair of Jimmy Choo's, nor the latest Crocs model, but about my Zoé's feet. The saga continues.

We started last Wednesday with both feet casted, removed one on Friday due to pain and frustration, but mostly pain.

Yesterday, we removed the cast on the left foot and it worked!!!!

Zoé made tremendous progress on her foot, she will no longer need to be casted. She will have a new pair of braces made for the left foot and we'll recast the right one.
It will enable me to buy her a new pair of shoes, and she should be ready to walk again to the playground.

I have to admit, I got really depressed last week when Zoé was in pain. Everything started to bubble up, and I found myself totally stressed out. The constant worry and nervous tension just kept accelerating and I felt I was on a treadmill of emotions that nothing would stop.

Last night, first bath in a week, Zoé was splashing water everywhere and the happiest I had seen her in a while. She was her "old" self again, rejoicing in the little wonders that make her world: her books, toys, paints and crayons.

She has become quite the artist and her first real mixed media painting hangs beautifully on our fridge.

Speaking of art, my first class of ceramics is scheduled for tomorrow...I am thrilled at the idea of taking an art class while Zoé is in daycare.

We are now waiting for the foot to heal before we recast...to be continued in our Serial Casting Part 3 episode.

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