Monday, May 4, 2009

A True Inspiration

I've been wanting to write for the longest time and simply did not find a minute to do so. Zoe is in bed for a short nap and I jump on this opportunity. I have to share the most optimistic and positive news I got in the past 10 days.

I met a little girl, a true inspiration that has lifted my spirit. I am starting to see a beacon of light in the distance.

This wonderful little girl named Kayla is 3 and a half and was also diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy at birth. Just like our little darling Zoe. Kayla has more repeats than Zoe, but that is not the point. As her mother said: "she is beating all odds" and with true love and dedication anyone can pull trough. Kayla started walking at the age of 2 and her mother said that doctors had very grim news about her prognosis, and yet, 3 years later, Kayla is here to testify that her hard work is paying off.
I shared a few thoughts with Kayla's mother and I will keep in touch so that we can help eachother out and share ideas on how our girls can learn from one another.
Kayla's parents started a foundation: and their logo are two connected hands, even though they explain on their website that the logo shows the type of hand testing neurologists perform to tell whether a person is affected with MMD, it also shows hands connected to help, to give and receive, and I believe to hold on to when things get tough; when you have doubts and fears that come creeping up on you.

I have been watching You Tube a lot as one can see Kayla's milestones being met: her first giggles, her first steps and I cried the first time I saw her walking 12 tiny steps towards her mother.

Since last Wednesday, April 29th, Zoe has changed in so many ways: she is now eager to climb onto everything, little tables, chairs, couches, stools,etc. She held onto our bed standing on her own for the first time on Saturday.
She loves cruising through tunnels, sliding off on wedges, climbing to get toys kept up high. I will fill you in on our next posting. Till then, be well.

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christophe michot said...

Congratulations on the new blog. It looks terrif! I'm happy to learn how things are going as well as being able to see little Zoe's cute face. Keep on the good work little girl, you're on the good path with your tots perf parents.