Monday, May 4, 2009

Swinging, sliding, singing...

Sorry if the picture isn't clear, but the swing was moving and I used my phone to take it.

This is where Zoé works on strengthening her abs, her torso, her trunk control.

Kitty is her occupational therapist, a wonderful and compassionate woman who always reminds me to never doubt Zoé's abilities. She has so much faith in Zoé, it's amazing to work on a weekly basis with therapists.

Kirk, her physical therapist, sees Zoé once a week, and Trish sees Zoé twice a week for physical therapy as well.
Trish is amazing, she knows Zoé's body by heart and when we have a session it is ONE hour long. Imagine when we go to the gym and are exhausted after 45 minutes, Zoé still keeps it up. She did, however, fall asleep on the mat one day, literally dead beat. She looked so sweet as she was sound asleep, dreaming away...

In New York, we had other therapists who did a tremendous job and taught me everything about how to stretch Zoé's body and strengthen it. These lovely ladies were Tara, Lucia, Anne-Marie and Alma, for PT, OT and Play Therapy.

We also have one monthly visit with Marybeth, she is another PT who works at the "School" Zoé attends twice a week. She comes to our house and lends us toys, wedges and ideas!

They have taught me so much, about endurance and believing in one's self.

I just looked at my daily planner from last year and realized that Zoé has been seeing therapists since February 28th, 2008. So for 15 months, four times a week she has been and is still working on her body. She has so much determination and is so proud of her accomplishments that it is truly delightful to watch.

On the off days, when we are home, I keep it up, using techniques, ideas and tools the therapists have shared. Till our next posting, we send our love.

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Sibylle Francheteau said...

Hello Sarita, great to read zoe's blog and very happy to see she is making alot of progress. Keep up the good work and cannot wait to see you all this summer in France.
Lots of kisses from your Bro Eman in Lyon, France