Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clinic Day

Tomorrow is "Clinic", we are going to see Dr. Pico, the woman who decides how far Zoé has come, if her goals have been met both physically and cognitively, if she can still benefit from California Children Services (CCS), if the services rendered will be reduced or not.
It's going to be nerve wracking to see how Zoé's "case" will be handled. These clinics are quick and to the point, but should be an open place to communicate and I need to advocate for Zoé. In this day and age, it's tough to ask for more services, knowing that many families are on waiting lists, knowing that our governor is cutting budgets due to the recession, etc.
It's strange how I never thought that being a mom meant advocating for your child in such a place...but here we are, and I need to be strong and fight for what has made a difference in Zoé's life. She has grown and developed so much. I am so proud of who she is right now and how she is handling the challenges that have been set before her.


Ok, as I am still a novice in blogs and the world of Bloggers, I don't know how to insert a video yet, but do check out the link is truly amazing...and in keeping with how much help I will need tomorrow.

till then, we send our love from this side of the blog ;-)

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