Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother: playmate, best friend, chauffeur, cook, caregiver, unconditionally loving (and loved), nurturer, fighter and advocate. Hallmark doesn't use these words in Mother's Day cards, so I thought I'd start this way.

This is my second Mother's Day and so much has happened since the last one. I think I should fill you in on advocacy though. Which if have to get better at. It's hard to defend something you truly want for someone for whom your love has no boundaries, while you try to keep your equanimity and composure. I tried being very diplomatic, without pleading nor being aggressive, but to no avail...

Last Thursday afternoon was our "clinic" appointment and what came out of it could have been predicted: "Budget cuts, waiting lists, good potential for growth and development, etc." In short, we didn't get any more services, but at least we didn't lose what we had: one hour of OT and half an hour of PT. We were told that Zoé is doing so well, that perhaps she doesn't need anymore time at CCS. I was told by the attending doctor that what truly matters is what we do at home.

So I know what my Hallmark card will say tomorrow: "Thanks Mom, let's take a break today and let's NOT exercise! It's YOUR day".

I was also told that if Zoé does reach a plateau, or doesn't progress they might increase the PT session.
It's like a double edge sword, for you want her to get more time, but you'd prefer for her to never stop progressing.
So we'll keep working.

When I look at Kayla's parents and their dedication towards her, I also see my own reflection. All the hard work pays. There is no other way of helping Zoé, and if she is where she it today, it's thanks to all the love, care, and never ending exercise we've been providing.
On the balls, on the wedge, off the balls, over the wedge, reaching high, reaching low, standing up, sitting down, ankle foot orthotics, helmet, glasses, stander, swing and bouncers.

Kayla's mom said that "your life is full of hopes and dreams, and sometimes it can change in the blink of an eye..." oh what wisdom I see there. Nothing is more true than that.

You are pregnant and envision a life of delights and wonders, and then, everything changes. But wonderful things happen in changes and I wouldn't do it any other way. The lessons I am learning are my invaluable, priceless wonders for my invaluable, priceless daughter. You don't get them in "Pregnancy for Dummies or Parenting for Dummies", but within yourself and your strength.

I also get much help from all the mothers I have met on the way, my own to start with and all the moms in my support group, so I dedicate my blog to all of them for their inspiration and openness: to Suzie, Shettal, Carol, Margaret, Melissa, Irene, Celana, Marybeth, Karen, Trish, Mom, Julie, Gwen, Anne, Odile, Alicia, Magali, Caroline,Gina, Elena, Gerry, Sibylle, Ginny, Lise and if I have forgotten some they will know who they are.

And to Kayla's mom, Lisa, for her keep working on my blog and to invite you all on our wonderful journey with Zoé.

From our side of the blog we send our love.


EmmaAnna said...

hello Sarah,
happy mother's day! And thank you for the blog (noooo you're not so bad at it, at least you're better than me. I've been trying to transfer my blog for weeks + it took me hours to understand the "profile" to post a comment on your blog)
Zoe is so courageous (as brave as her mother). You have all my admiration.
on vous embrasse très fort, please teach some french words such as "pelle; rateau; chateau et toboggan" to Zoe, so Anna will share her favorite activties with her this summer (or teach me the english words:-)
emmanuelle et Anna (brest)

EmmaAnna said...

Je précise:
emmanuelle et Anna = poupeau et pawlaczyk

Kayla's Mom said...


Happy Mother's Day! It was really nice meeting you in Oakland last month. I'm so glad that you called today, it was nice catching up with you. It warms my heart to see little Zoe's photos, thank you for your wonderful blog. Zoe is absolutely adorable. Hopefully, we can get the two of them together for a play date sometime.

I wanted to share a poem with you that a mom sent to me when Kayla was in the hospital. It's called "Welcome to Holland". I will send it today by email. It will really hit a cord with you. Sometimes when people ask what our journey is like, I send it to them as it speaks volumes about what we've been through.

Warm regards,

Lisa Vittek
aka: Kayla's Mom