Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some words to live by:
- Be creedless: be intelligent without dependence upon some formula.
- Be self-reliant: avoid dependence on supernatural agency for intellectual support or moral guidance.
- Be critical: question assumptions and seek certitude scientifically.
- Be tolerant: be open-minded and hold conclusions tentatively.
- Be active: live today and grow by exercising your capacities.
- Be efficient: accomplish the most with the least effort.
- Be versatile: vary your interests to attain a variety of interesting thoughts.
- Be cooperative: find some satisfaction in social activities.
- Be appreciative: make the present enjoyable by your attitude.
- Be idealistic: create and live by ideals which you find inspiring.

Adapted from "A Religious Affirmation," by Archie J. Bahm (1933)

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