Thursday, April 21, 2011

Theratogs AKA the Super Suit

Zoé's physical therapist tried the Theratogs on Zoé yesterday.
We had already used them way back when, but only on her legs.
Yesterday, it was renamed the "Super Suit", or "Super Princess". It is amazing how it changed Zoé physically. She already has great posture, but by adding an abdominal belt and a lower back strap, she managed to "run" faster" and to stay upright as opposed to going into lordosis (Pushing her tummy upfront), using her arched back as opposed to her abdominals. (We tend to lack these with MMD), so we use our back to support us. Really, abdominals are what we need to use!
We will be trying it on every opportunity we have and will decide whether she really needs it.
It is a new skill I will need to learn, strapping it on.
The cost is, once again, incredibly pricey, but I guess our children are priceless.
Her PT (Physical therapist) uses loads of fun games to keep Zoé engaged. It is amazing how they come up with fun-loving activities and how Zoé has to bend those knees, learn to squat, bend that tushy, push on the right leg, push off the left leg,
grab the blue boat, count the fish, let's go on an adventure up the stairs, down the stairs, let's strap you in, strap you out. Zoé NEVER complains.
She is the ultimate trooper.
But she does have a strong personality and doesn't really take "no" for an answer.
But hey, as long as PT goes on rather smoothly, we have to "cut her some slack", and let her experiment with pushing the limits.
Yesterday was Easter Sunday and we spent a super fun day at our cousins' house, egg hunting and horseback-riding.
Zoé is definitely a future jockey. She loves the horses and loved the barn full of hay where she pretended to be the pig in the Three Little Pigs, the lazy one who builds his house out of hay and sticks...cute!
Today is dad's 68th birthday. I am feeling bitter sweet. I went to church yesterday, reminiscing the good times. I miss him dearly.
I hope this blog finds you well.
Until the next post.

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