Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Girl Bed!!!!

Big, huge breaking news at 910 Rose Avenue:
We switched Zoé from her crib (I wanted her to stay in there till she was at least 12...she couldn't get out hahaha) to a toddler bed and also took away her music and light box, everything cold turkey. So funny how nervous we were. We thought she'd panic at night.
We set the rules though: "You can call us, but you CANNOT COME to our room."
For the entire week, Zoé kept saying ;"I want a big girl bed", out of the blue. Guess she knew she was more than ready.
One more step away from babyhood. Funny how you just don't want to see your kids grow and get "Older".
So anyway, she did it. She is napping right now, in her big girl bed.
She thinks we sent her mobile and light box to Baby Samsam her cousin, in France.
Well, yes, we did ;-)
She so wanted him to have her baby things, for she is now a big girl.
She is so proud to be independent, to get in and out of bed, "all by myself" she cheers!
Voila, so had to share this big event.

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Anonymous said...

So cute! Very cool that she wants to be a big girl! Les filles ont toujours de l'avance sur les garçons, de toutes les manières, crois-en ma vieille expérience... Love ya! V