Monday, March 7, 2011

Yerba Buena Gardens

Another therapeutic essay...

You are back
through the lens of my computerized image
I crop you and edit you
sepia, black and white
blurred edges, antique effect
and for a split second you are back.
I feel that I can tweak you into reality
I can Google you and Facebook you
and you are there
frozen like a fragment in time
and then I shut the computer off and you are gone again.
Though I can revive you every time I see the Apple
the apple of life
the forbidden fruit I choose to eat
so that I can open the kaleidoscope of memories.
Beautiful day in the gardens of Yerba Buena
I can remember the music, the sights and sounds of that magical day
in time.
I miss your smile
your laugh, so discreet and humble
the twinkle in your eye
I am told I was the apple of your eye.
Now I am alone
left out.
Sadness seeps into me
like the dampness on a cloth,
oozing out in porous holes
into which I fall every time I try to bring you back,
for you are gone.


Fiamma said...

This is such a beautiful poem, Ms. Berman!
Maybe one day I will be able to write like you...
I'm in the midst of midterms and your poem made my night! Back to Roman art!
Love to all!

Sarah said...

Glad I could make your night, Fiamma hahaha.
Good luck for your midterms, I'm sure you'll do great!