Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning

We are already in March, springtime is around the corner and with each day another set of challenges. Zoé is sleeping, and I should probably do so myself. I feel that extreme fatigue is creeping, but then friends of mine tell me they also nap. Makes me feel good to know I am not the only one out there who desperately needs to catch some ZZs.

Zoé is doing well in school, and OT (Occupational Therapy) is smoothly coming along.

Physical Therapy makes me feel so aware of how much Zoé works, especially when I see how hard it is for her. Her therapist pushes her, and I am for ever grateful, but I do hope Zoé will manage to overcome her weaknesses and progress without being hurt. She often complains of her back, and how it aches, and her neck and her shoulders. I feel the same weak spots as well.

Today I went on a 5-mile walk with 3 other Piedmont moms and it was great to feel that I could keep along. Chatting about life in CA, our kids and our families.
And then while I was waiting for Zoé to be done with her OT session, I watched 3rd graders leaving the classroom onto the field for their Physical Education (PE) class. I could just imagine Zoé in an adaptive PE class. I wonder what it will be like, how it will make her feel, to be singled out, to be yet again, different.
These are little nuances I see and imagine. Being part of the uniqueness and the oneness of life.

For now she's my miracle and a driven, strong-willed little girl that doesn't get fazed by anything. Nothing seems daunting, stairs are hard but she manages to get up there, to the top. Speech therapy is another class that she makes fun by bringing a little stuffed animal. She has him do those bilabial sounds with her. At home we play with a toy microphone and I pretend to teach the fuzzy creature how to make Bs, Ps, and Ms, and how ARTICULATION is important to be well understood.

I guess I'll go rest in the sunroom with a good book and a hot cup of tea.
Enjoy what is left of the week and have a fun-filled w-e.


Shona said...

I'm a napper too!

Glad to hear Zoe is doing well in school.

It is sad that she has to cope with aches and pains. At least she has you to look out for her and help her with all her therapy.

Sarah said...

Thanks Shona!