Friday, September 17, 2010

A lot on my plate...

Trying to deal with the grief of losing my father, caring for Zoé, living with a chronic disease, how much darker can this post be? I know I shouldn't complain, but today is not a good day. I know it is ok to be sad and it's part of the road to recovery. I love what Laura, a friend from PIP wrote on her blog about the sadness and the pain she feels for her child who has Special Needs:"

"It was a good to cry, a good reopening of that room that I don't live in but always know is a part of my 'home'. A fitting way to start off the Holy of Holies. Tomorrow at sundown begins Yom Kippur. A time when I believe the veil between the material world and the spirit is thin. A fine time to feel raw and in touch with that which is larger than myself. I'll leave the door to that room open for right now; let in some air and light.

Hopefully on Sunday, I'll be able to close it again, and as the door shuts with a gentle click, I will pick up my paddle and continue on down the river."

Yes, I feel that I have that room too, in my 3-bedroom house, it is part of my 'rental-sweet-rental', and sometimes I shut it, when all is ok and things are going well, sometimes I feel it needs opening for it is too stuffy, when insurance companies or other red-taping nightmares clutter it. Right now, it is in desperate need of air and light. I know I will come out of this funk, I just need time to help alleviate the pain that comes along the loss and the grieving process. It's the ebbing and the flowing, like the high and low tides of my daily life.

I should fill you in on the positive news about Zoé though, for this is her post, her blog after all!
We had our transition meeting from the Regional Center, where Zoé is currently a client and from which she will be handed over to the School District on her 3rd birthday.
The School district will fully assess Zoé, but will omit the cognitive and behavioral part, because we know she is fully on target.
I was told that most probably Zoé will get speech therapy, focusing on Oral Motor therapy for articulation and lip closure; Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. I am eagerly awaiting the school psychologist to get in touch so we can launch these assessments.
Yesterday we had our home visit from the Regional center and Zoé's teacher at PIP, they both agreed that Zoé reached all the goals we had set for her. Thumbs up!
On Sunday, Zoé starts music class.
On Monday, Zoé start French Montessori School
on Tuesday, Zoé has her PMP class (Pediatric Motor Playground) where she is working on pre-writing strokes, hopping, throwing balls, sitting quietly in her chair waiting for her turn, etc.
She still has therapy twice a week and we are now waiting to hear from SNAP (Special Needs Aquatic Program), I'll be going in the water with her!!!
As you can see, Zoé is a busy bee. What I love about PMP and La Maison des Enfants is that I am free to grab a coffee, read my book or simply take a walk. At last, I get some downtime. I need it.
voila dear friends.
Let me clean my dusty 'room' and air it out. Until next time, we send you good wishes for a fun-filled weekend and easy fasting for those of you atoning tomorrow.

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