Sunday, September 12, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun

Today: early morning. I hear "Maman", "Maman", "Maman"...I know my alarm clock, she'll keep calling my name until I come into her room.
I love the early morning time, we hang out, have breakfast and are ready and good to go for another fun-filled day.
Daddy is sleeping...he works soooo late.
Zoé knows to say: "Daddy travaille trop" (Works too much), she is well trained.

Today we went to our quarterly Myotonic Dystrophy Support group, we have no excuse not to go, it is literally a 10-minute walk away.
This morning was a small group: we were 5, sharing info, checking in, discussing problems related to MMD with sleep apnea, GI (Gastro-intestinal) side effects, foot drop, etc.
Zoé was a trooper, she hung out, played with her toys, books, my i-phone, etc.

After that she and I went to Fenton's Creamery, a fun-filled restaurant for kids. On the menu: crayons and coloring pages, hot-dogs, fries and a scoop of strawberry frozen yogurt. This was our first tete-a-tete. I loved it! It was really fun chatting, drawing and just hanging out mom and daughter!

I realize the strong bond we share with our children. It made me reminisce the good old times with Mom and Papa, when I was a little girl. All the fun-filled times we shared.Oblivious of the harsh reality of life and illness, and ultimately death. My pain ebbs and flows, and I try to keep it all in check, for Zoé and David, and I keep my cries for the late night hours when I am alone. I have been writing a lot of poetry lately, I am down to almost a poem a night, it's my therapy. It is cathartic for me to write my pains, aches and fears. They are all work-in-progress types of poems, and I like to work on them when I need to revisit that space, that place.

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