Friday, February 12, 2010


Friday has come after a week home caring for Zoé, sick with croup, then a double ear infection. No complaints on her part, though she kept asking for "tissues" and after she blew her nose she'd say "GIGI" for her grandma who came to see us and left with a cold. So cute that she knew who used those tissues!

Zoé's been talking up a storm: "veux manger quelquechose"...(Meaning wanna eat something) and then you have to list the menu items until she decides what it is that she wants to eat: cheerios, pomme (apple), fromage (no need to translate!) or yaya (yogurt, from Anne Sylvestre's song "ya des yayas, ya des yaourts a tout").

Zoé's been relishing bath time again now that we changed the bath toys into mini pots and pans. She makes soup with bubbles and "mac'ncheese" with shampoo, it's all fun, and like cooking it is quite scientific. She got a kitchen from Grammy GIGI for her birthday and, all day long, she says "Veux cuisiner" (wanna cook).

Her song repertoire is now quite extensive. She sings "jingle bells" (practicing for next Xmas), "Frère Jacques", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Petit Bonhomme de chemin". She also loves to play the drums, Kazoo, accordion and maracas. Future musician, for sure. She loves it when I play the guitar (strumming one or 2 Bob Dylan songs) and starts dancing with her arms, moving her tiny body to the beat of "Mr. Tambourine Man". Waiting for her to stand so she can really shake the booty! That, too, will come in time.

She got a cute game for her birthday from Sisi and Adi, her BFFs, it's called ELEFUN.You put tiny butterflies in the elephant's head and he "spits" them out through his trunk with a little fan under the head. You then hold your net and catch them. Zoé goes CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn't care about catching them, she just loves to see them fly down onto the floor.

I guess I filled you in on our latest week. Looking forward to the weekend, we are invited to Sisi and Adi's birthday...Mardi gras party with hurricanes and grits...

Sending you special Valentines'Day kisses till we get back online for more adventures.

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