Wednesday, August 12, 2009

French Frog

We've been in France for about two weeks already and Zoé has been exploring her new surroundings at lightning speed. Nothing stops her:
-climbing stairs, up and down
-sitting on tables, high tables!!!
-rushing to grab someone's beach toy or ball
-crawling down to the shore
-toppling in waves, helmet and all
-cruising and making turns with her walker, into the kitchen from the living room, onto the patio
-devouring French cheeses and other delicacies: crepes and BBQ sausages.

I had meant to post this from Brittany, but we are now back in California after a long deserved break from all therapy sessions.

We did see an osteopath, who was simply amazing! Unfortuantely he could only see Zoé for a one-hour session as he was leaving on holiday the next day. I do believe it's almost worth going back to France regularly to see him. He had never seen a helmet. Plagiocephalies are not corrected with helmets in France, osteopaths do it, by molding the head back into shape, through gentle manipulation.

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