Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daycare Dreamin'

I took Zoé to her first day care. Wow, she cried 2 minutes as my heart was broken, but Pam, her new "teacher" called me right away to tell me that all was good.It felt great to have a bit of time off, despite the mountain of paper work I had to sort out.

Unfortuantely, after our trip to France,where Zoé enjoyed many playdates!!! we are now back to reality: insurance nightmares, denials for coverage, battles and letters of appeal. The quagmire is never ending...

Zoé is supposed to start serial casting, a 6-week session of fiberglass and plaster casts on both legs. Which means no baths (only sponge rubs), no water tables, no water play, but much frustration. However, I know that our resilient Zoé will still find a way to climb, stand, cruise and walk...yes, for she now speeds along with her walker. On Monday, she left the building after her PT session, crossed the entire playground and all the way to the car parked on the street. I was simply flabbergasted.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Sarah,

It is so good to see these pictures of Zoé eating her pasta in Brest and sitting with her cousins on the patio, the 3 cute little lotus blossoms. We miss you sooooooo much
Nanny, Pappy, and matt