Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Working the System

Well once again, trying to work the system. The Kafkaesque red tape, the filing, the pre-authorizations, the letters, the emails, the prescriptions, the invoices, the claims. I am so tired of navigating the system, but it is essential if I want to get Zoé what she needs.
2nd opinion, 3rd opinion, when will it stop?
While I deal with all of this, Zoé is sleeping. I am simply going to post some pictures for you to enjoy:
Zoé and Grandma Gigi, Zoé and Maud, Zoé at the zoo with Mommy.

We are still working Zoé's daily arrangements: zoo, playdates, therapy, museums, doctor appointments, slides and merry-go-rounds...a mix that makes her world go round.

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