Monday, May 18, 2009

Regimented Life

Having a child with "special needs" means that you set really high standards of achievement on your child and yourself. I do think that sometimes, it's just too much.

we are so afraid that they will miss out on things, on life in a sense, that we want them to achieve everything at once.

I remember working on Zoé and her self-feeding at 11 months, working her body at 3 months, language development, crawling, stretching, hand signing, reading books, placing pegs on a mat, sifting through huge vats of beans to find tiny objects so that she can work on tactile receptors, working with fuzzy balls, again for fine motor sensory skills.

When will we just look at life without having this askewed manner of considering every day life activities. Why is it important to make sure that whatever Zoé does has to have a purpose. Is it to make her more astute, more aware, self-assured?
Our life is so regimented already, with schedules, goals, classes, sessions, therapies, assessments.

I'd like to have one day when all we could do would be playing, reading, snoozing, for Zoé to simply be a "neuro-typical child" (The more politically correct way of referring to a 'normal' kid!!) who can do whatever she likes when she wants. A day when we wouldn't need to rush out of the house, on a busy highway, kiddie music blaring in the car, a day when I could just relish the "now", savor the wonderful little girl we have who loves to slide and fall into her Daddy's arms, who loves to go on the merry-go-round with Mommy and ride her own car...
Well, I better get ready, time to hit the road, for another session of Physical Therapy.

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