Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Sets of Goals...

New sets of goals for Zoé:
-validate what she's achieved
-work on her vocalization. Her low muscle tone prevents her from being vocal about her wants and needs.
-work on her interaction with other kids, being more "feisty", defending herself is good and she knows how to demonstrate her vulnerability when opposed to other children, but she also needs to show when she doesn't like something. For instance, if a child is too pushy, gets too much in her face, she needs to learn to "tell him/her" that she's not happy.
-work on her sign language. She now signs for :
cracker: tap on the arm. says 'cracky': cracker+cookie=cracky
water: finger to the side of her mouth.
more: says 'encore' or taps 2 fists together.(see the picture of her above)
monkey: she'll say the "houhou" while imitating the animal.
apple: fist on the cheek.
but we would like her to sign when she needs help, wants something specific besides water and snacks.
And most importantly, we must work on the idea that MMD does not define Zoé. She is a spirited, lively, fun-loving little girl whose legs are still not strong enough to carry her. She finds other ways of expressing herself and it is amazing to watch her climb up on the couch, slide off the wedge or the big slide, crash down on the bean bag and collapse into my arms at the end of yet another
fun day.


EmmaAnna said...

adorables petites mains qui disent "encore". Sa copine Anna imite aussi le singe. On the same track, Anna could teach Zoe to imitate the elephant :almost same "houhou" but just "hoouuuu" and raise an arm for the trunk (is it the correct word?)!
I guess we'll have a real jungle show this summer:-)

Anne said...

You should add that she has a lot of humor too ! I love the "craky" thing ;-) I will do the same: I want "chocpea" (chocolat+peanut butter) :-)
Dear Zoé,
we saw your grandmother yesterday and we had a lot of fun. We spoke about you and about your amazing mom. I wish you were there with us.
BTW, I love you in navy blue ;-)