Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Excitement was palpable as we dropped Zoé to Kindergarten this morning. Excitement for the new adventure, a realm full of new friends, new words, new books, new exercises, and new set of teachers.
She looked so cute with her backpack on, her bunny shoes (braces) in place, her purple glasses and the mischievous look in her eyes. She waved us goodbye as we watched her get her name tag and cross the threshold into her new world.

This was this morning and I know I have left you behind dear bloggers. As my uncle Said:"Your last post dates back to June 2nd". Wow! A lot to catch up.

We spent an awesome summer, with Grammy Gina and Aunty Wendy visiting, then Nanny and Matt from France.
Zoé was at summer camp for a month as she was enrolled in her extended services for another 4 weeks at the end of school.

We left for France on July 19th and returned 3 days ago. France was amazing as our little mermaid played in shallow pools on the beach, built sandcastles and jumped in waves.
We then had glorious play dates with cousins and friends.

We crossed France in 3 days and spent another 2 weeks in Sauve a small medieval village nestled in the foothills of the Cevennes. An amazing adventure at Nanny's house, with cousins, friends, knights and princesses (Yes, they do a weekly medieval tour of the village in the summer). Zoé couldn't believe her eyes when, out of the blue, three knights walked down the street.
We relished the hot weather and jumped in the rivers nearby on very hot days.
We enjoyed the great food and barbecues, the cousins and friends.
Zoé mastered the zip-line in the trees and the stair climbing all over the place. She marched up and down the staircase in the Grotto Des Demoiselles with help, but inspired by her cousins.

The trip back to Brittany was long, and we decided to drive for 2 days, 14 hours as opposed to three days.
Zoé again was a real trooper, never complaining, sleeping and singing along to the tunes of who else but Anne Sylvestre, our favorite singer.

As far as behavior is concerned, things have not changed much and Zoé needs to navigate the proper behaviors and social cues she faces on a daily basis. This year, on top of all her therapies she will be involved in "social lunches" to learn socialization and social emotional attitudes towards her peers.
We faced a bit of bullying this summer at camp and I told Zoé that the girls who told her to "go away for ever" were simply not nice and didn't deserve her attention. I told her teachers who dealt with it appropriately, teaching the kids that camp means making friends, being safe and inclusive.
I know bullying will be part of our lives, we will deal with it when we need to address it.

So here it is, friends. I add a few pictures and will keep updating the blog as much as I can.
Uncle G

Extended Family

chickens and eggs

Pool time

At Sarah and Helena's house

Uncle Isaac

Le pompon

Little Mermaid


Tree climbing

The scuzins

French Market
If you take my spot, take my handicap
Beach Bum
MDA's visit to Google Headquarters
With Uncle Matt
Heart monitor
Sensory play

Auntie Julie


Anonymous said...

When I look at all the projects and experiences you arrange for Zoe, I am so impressed with your parenting and devotion to Zoe.

In the end, I am sure that Zoe will grow and grow because of your love and dedication to making sure that you do everything in your loving power to see to it that Zoe has the most supportive and loving family in the world!!!

You are amazing and because of your efforts, Zoe is soaring with new ideas and progress.


Sarah said...

Thank you, Catherine.
I do my best for Zoé because she deserves it. I also have no other choice, and to be quite frank, I wouldn't want it any other way. Except without MMD, of course!