Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 2013 Miscellaneous

Hodge-podge of news and pictures.

Zoé's last week of school is upon us and an exciting summer is ahead.

Nanny and Uncle Matt's visit.

Summer camp at Beach School, Zoé's new school where she will be entering Kindergarten in the fall.
Extension of services for a month: Speech, OT and PT as well as Horse Therapy.

Zoé has now officially graduated from hippo-therapy to therapeutic riding, where she will no longer be in the care of a PT.

We went camping for the first time with Zoé. She loved the set up, the barbecues, the marshmallows, the fact that she could sleep with us, of course, and the sunset over the Bay.
She loved cracking pine nuts on a rock, and hiking for a bit, with a friend's service dog (the highlight of the day).

Zoé will be getting her bunny shoes next week.

Cardiology appointment early July.

Choir Recital tomorrow.

So here are a few pictures for you to see how busy our little bee has been in the past month.
Magic the clown at Shriners Hospital

Casting of the feet for new Bunny Shoes

Funderland after the hospital, the treat!

Grammy Gina visiting from NYC

Maman's girl

Anny the horse

Trying out the bike at Sydney and Adair's house

School picture

Love the camp site

Resting on the tarp

Horse show 2013

Zoé's first Mandala

Ze Trophy!


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