Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Happy Happy

Well, first of all, I have to say that I am happy I still have followers out there.
I know I should not dwell on it, but I sometimes feel I write the blog and nobody reads it. Yet, in recent mails I have been overjoyed to read that I do have my "fan club", my sweet followers.
So Thank you for spreading the joy. It makes my day.

Actually, I also know that I write the blog for Zoé. Hopefully, one day, she'll be happy to read about our adventures in Holland, in therapyville,  in OT-dom, in PT-town...

So what is new, you might ask? Well, in less than 72 hours, my sweet little one will be 5. Yes, 5. you read it correctly, F.I.V.E!
I cannot believe it.
So much has happened, so many hurdles have been conquered, so many hills have been climbed, so many ups-and-downs, so many happy days, so many sad days, so many exhilarating moments, so many devastating news, so many ... and yet, the most amazing gift of all, our Zoé, which by the way, in Greek, means LIFE!

She is our life, our joy and my constant worry for what the future holds in store. But I do take it bird by bird, or day by day.

Today, I went for my annual echocardiogram and the sweet technician and I got to talk about Steinert, which she had never heard of. She did tell me: "Well you've got a beautiful heart!" I don't know whether she meant it literally or symbolically...hahah, I know she meant my valves looked good.
So that's done, check, see you next year probe and gel.
My holter monitor showed a few heart palpitations but nothing to worry about.

On the home front, David travels a fair bit, and I started a new job. I now teach French at the Ecole Bilingue, the Franco-American school in Berkeley. It's only 6 hours a week, but perfect to grease the rusty brain and to get slowly back into teaching mode. I am thoroughly enjoying it and love to have "my old life back", in a way...

The support group is still up and running and it feels so good to get together with my special moms of special lives.

Mom just came to visit from France and both Grandma and Aunty are coming in from NYC this evening.

Zoé and Maman on the roller coaster, holding on to dear-life
Easy Rider
We went to Funderland after our bi-annual visit to Shriners Hospital in Sacramento. It will now be part of the routine, and I am getting better at roller-coasters, just so that you know....
Hope this finds you well wherever you may be and HAPPY!

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