Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Enemeez or Enemies?

My heart aches. My nerves are raw. I feel for my Zoé who agonizes on her bed in pain. GI (Gastro-intestinal) Tract attack, the pain is indescribable. I suffer from the same issue, and I know the feeling. The difference is that I have a pill I can take (A medicine I get in France) and my Zoé cannot take it.
Last night she was in such pain, pushing on her bed, her little hands holding the rails of her bed, her teary eyes, and I just felt so helpless.
I had to use an Enemeez ( little vial of stool softener evacuant that you stick up the bum) to relieve her, and within 3 minutes she had the biggest bowel movement ever. I'll spare details not needed at this point. Despite that she was still in terrible pain. The next thing I knew she vomited her entire dinner on her bed. When it doesn't work from one end, it comes out the other end...
Imagine my fright. What if she had done so while sleeping or laying on her back...
Anyway, she hates Enemeez, the true enemies, though at this point they truly help, so should I call them her friends?
I wrote a question on Myotonic.com, our forum for discussion. Will fill you in if I find other solutions about these GI problems

Well in spite of this difficult night, we spent a wonderful day in Santa Cruz on Saturday, wading in the water, barbecuing with great friends and soaking the sun.

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