Friday, January 20, 2012

Things moms of Kids with Special Needs Say

I think the cartoon sums it up. There are so many things which need not even be expressed. But then again, aren't we all facing these challenges?

-"Please try harder"

-"I know you can do it"

-"Good job, keep it up"

-"Why did you poop in your pants?"

-"Why are you hiding under this table?"

-"you like to be stinky, really?"

-"When are you going to try to do it on the potty?"

-"Did I give enough Miralax?"

-"I need a break, or I am going to lose it!"

-"Welcome to Planet Special Needs. Enjoy the ride!"

-"Other moms just don't get it."

-After being asked "What is Zoé's diagnosis, is it CP (cerebral Palsy)?" in front of a room full of toddlers in Zoé's classroom, and I want to scream"It is NONE of your business!!!"

How I love denial, it comes in handy sometimes. It is hard to think straight when we are confronted to people's inadequacy facing oneness, differences. If you can see past Zoé's disabilities, her funny way of speaking, her nasal voice, her inverted feet and her thick glasses (Which I think are adorable), you will notice that she is just like any other kid, with a love of life, singing, rejoicing in the little wonders that make her life so awesome. She doesn't know it any other way, and besides, nothing fazes her!


Anonymous said...

Loved the video of you two singing. I couldn't help but to notice the tight clutch Zoe had on the microphone. She seems to enjoy being a singing star. Plus, she has the sweetest voice. I hope you will continue to encourage her singing. More videos please!
Sarah, what you are doing with your blog is to educate people so that they will learn more about MMD. Don't worry about it "not being any of their business", just continue to do your amazing work and monitoring MMD and any advances that may happen in the field of medicine that enables a better understanding of MMD. Love, Catherine

Sarah said...

Dear Cathy,
thanks so much for your constant words of wisdom, they warm my heart!
and push me to keep on writing even if I sometimes get behind... Much love coming your way,