Monday, January 30, 2012

Stubborn Little 4 Year Old

Well what else is new, STUBBORN? oh yes, Zoé knows where she is going and no limitations are set forth. She is walking better than ever (I think) and I truly believe the osteopath should get some of the credit.
New things Zoé can do:
-climb on and off the curb, with NO HELP, all on her own.
It is so funny how we take these minute daily steps for granted, for us, and for Zoé, it's like climbing Mount Everest! She still needs a lot of support with handrails whenever she goes up or down stairs (notice how I use the upward motion first, because, at the end of the day, the journey should only be about going up!!)
-starting to scribble her name. Holding a pen and keeping it steady is difficult, but she is now eager to show off the accent on the "E" of her name...don't forget it, she'll be upset!
-Put on her shoes, for the first time today. Not with me, but at daycare, where she told Pam: "I cannot put my shoes, my mom helps me", and Pam said to try, within 15 seconds, Zoé had both shoes on!!!!
-drawing eyes and mouth in circles I draw for her, and adding spiky hair to those circles, little Picasso in action, I'll post a drawing soon.
Art id not Zoé's forte, I mean arts and craft, where she excels though is in singing, which of course is an art form.
A lot of skills need to be worked upon and Zoé is quite funny when you ask her what she did today (She had physical therapy at 9:00am this morning): "I worked on my motor skills".
When you ask her if she wants to play the bee game where you put leaves in a tree trunk and little bees on top, she says she like to work on her "Fine skills"!!!
Amazing what she comes up with. She is a savvy little girl who now knows and understand that all she does on a daily basis is an integral part of her life!

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Anonymous said...

The photo of Zoe (I don't have an accent on my computer for the "e" but don't tell Zoe!) in the coral towel is absolutely beautiful!
Perhaps her stubborn streak is nothing more than just plain brightness.
Sometimes Zoe seems like she gets tired of everyone telling her to do this and do that? She never ceases to amaze me with her curiosity and her assertiveness. I am convinced she has an unleashed gift to sing.
Has she seen videos of herself singing? I would love to see her reaction! Much love, Cathy