Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well that's it, I crossed the so dreaded bridge...

Today I picked up Zoé at her French preschool and this little girl came up to me:
"Zoé's mom, why does Zoé always have her mouth open?" (She mimicked Zoé's mouth)
I couldn't think of anything to say but: "because she likes it..." I then pecked Zoé's cheek to show her that everything was all right. Was she aware of anything odd? Did she think, mom you are lying. I guess I'll have to think of other things to say, but as I was caught in the moment that's all I could think of.
If you readers have any ideas of how I should handle it, please let me know. I need help.
I know I will always be faced with questions.
Some of you may know that Zoé wore a helmet for 15 months, from 6 month onwards and I used to have the cutest comments from kids along the way:
"I love babies with helmets"
"Does she skate?"
and when asked why she wore a helmet, I once replied "Because she wants to be an astronaut."
I guess with the "tent or fish mouth" as it is called in "medical terms", I should say because Zoé will do an ad for lipstick! Only a French girl can pull this one off...
So tonight I wandered on the webpages of Myotonic.Com and I can say that all her friends share those lips.
I guess none of us question them any more.
David did mention that last night (and I remember it precisely) while we were trick or treating, a 6-month old baby grinned at my flashing light wizard hat...I will never get that grin, let alone that smile.
But I will get the twinkle in the eye and the sweetness of her warm hugs.


Mum without a clue said...

Zoe's got beautifil lips, anyway :-)

Sarah said...

I totally agree...Angelina Jolie-esque!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the child's question have been an excellent opportunity for a lesson in differences. Different isn't bad, as other reader's have pointed out, Zoe's lips are quite beautiful. My little brother (with CMMD) has always told me that he wished more of his classmates would ask him about his disease and not be scared to bring it up. (of course this is all hoping the child wasn't being malicious, just curious, otherwise that would be an opportunity for a whole different lesson).

Anonymous said...

If you look at Zoe, you will ALWAYS see her smiling with her determination in everything she does. That is enough for me. She is her own little person and when I see her, I am thinking she has more going on in that beautiful little head than anyone knows. I adore her and marvel at her progress and growth. Just like her Maternal Grandmother, Marta, she will bring joy into everyone's life who has the pleasure of her company.

Sarah said...

Thank you for your kind words of wisdom! they lift my heart and spirit. So many beautiful people out there!