Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't want another late night...

Well, a lot has happened recently and I don't even know where to begin. Zoé's language is absolutely blossoming. She is like a little adult, explaining everything, expressing her wishes, her desires, what she wants to do, and most importantly what she doesn't want to do.
She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a little "chipie" (mischievous one) when it comes to twisting my elbow.
Her personality is evolving everyday and I am in awe of how far she's come along.
Her body feels stronger.
Today at hippo therapy they had her standing on all fours on top of the horse, lifting her head up, keeping her hips in alignment knees joined.
They had her ride back flat on top of the horse, twisting her arms to grab the horse's tail, doing sit-ups on the horse.
Playing Simon says: "put your hands on your head, touch Kiwi (the horse's) ears, etc.
She then had to find little stuffed animals on the barriers, ordering the horse to stop so she could retrieve them. Opening mail boxes, finding the letter addressed to her with little surprises nestled in.
It makes me so happy to see her thriving so much.
Of course, there are the questions, the stares, the sideway glances, but they will always be part of our daily life.
In time, Zoé will learn to speak her own mind and either explain what the issues are or she won't because it won't matter. I feel stronger these days.
Our trip to NYC was amazing. Grammy Gina and Aunty Wendy were wonderful babysitters and I did fully enjoy revisiting the Big Apple with old friends and reconnecting with the city. My favorite part was the High Line this old chunk of railroad suspended above ground that the city of NYC transformed into a wonderful passage of greenery intertwined in the middle of new and old buildings. A sinewy vein of green through the grey concrete jungle of Chelsea.
Zoé fully enjoyed Central Park, her favorite was getting into Taxis, and spending time with her relatives and her new found friend, Muguet.
We came back refreshed and Zoé's been doing much better in her 9 weekly therapy sessions, because she also needed that break, to regenerate her body, recharge her batteries.

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