Monday, May 16, 2011

Stress and Frustration...

Stress and Frustration...what can it be???

Well dealing with the red taping nightmare of insurance companies....I am trying to see, in vain, if our insurance cie will cover hippo therapy, or equine therapy, or horse therapy.
It seems like I am asking Sisyphus to roll his big gigantic ball over the mountain and back again!
It looks like it's not going to happen, not the ball, the therapy!
I have Zoé's diagnosis code, I have the procedure quotes for PT on a horse, but for the woman on the other side of the telephone line, no horse is mentioned. She happened to be the nicest person I've ever spoken to though. She even told me how sad she felt that I couldn't get what I wanted for my daughter.
It is a constant battle.
Believe it or not, I've come to be pretty good at this and I even have a system I keep to get everything on paper.
I have my own little note book, where I write:
The date, the time and the person I spoke to. Their extension. At the end of our phone conversation I ask a tracking number for the dialogue we exchanged, then I ask for the pre-certification number for the service I am to have provided. It's a full time job and it gets me sooooo frustrated that I am happy to have this outlet, so I can vent, and huff and puff. Like the big black wolf and the three pigs as Zoé would say. I become quite scary!!
Anyhow, we'll see if anything comes out of it.
I got my brain MRI scheduled and covered though. Yes, I need an MRI to see why my prolactin level is high. Wish me luck. I was reading about the MRI procedure and it really looks frighteningly claustrophobic. I might either need a swig of red wine, thought it's at 9:00 am on Sunday morning, or a chill pill like Valeriane (Homeopathic medicine).
The neurologist I see on a yearly basis told me that there is definite hormone imbalance in people who have Steinert (MMD), so that could be the reason why. I'll fill you in on it as soon as I know more.
On my previous post you might have seen Zoé perform "Au Pays de Candy", a cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid. She has incredible auditive memory and only needs to listen to something once or twice and off she goes, reciting and singing all day.
Now, the new trick is that I have her sing that song to herself every night and that's the way she lulls herself into Morpheus's arms.
Voila dear readers. I need to get Zoé ready for our weekly French play date. We are able to join our French playgroup now that SNAP is over until mid June when we'll start again.
See you soon on the blog.

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