Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lots to write about

Long time no write, I know, and as everyday goes by I feel the need to do my "homework". I consider the blog as my weekly assignment. I like to know I have frequent readers and I like to update Zoé's current life events, write about comments I have, questions I leave unanswered.
First of all, I should thank all of my dear readers who often leave comments. They make my day! So keep writing ;-)
Where should I start off? We've had a couple busy weeks with a lot of visitors from NYC: Odile, Irina, Arthur (All 3 old colleagues of mine and dear friends) Grammy Gina and Aunty Wendy.
Zoé had lots of fun with her NY relatives and it was really nice to have them with us.

We also have had busy weeks with Zoé's therapies always in session and managing the various schools. Some were off (French one) and our Easter break at the co-op starts next week on the 22nd.
I will be working at Zoé's school again on the 19th. That is what the deal is with a co-op. I tend to like it. I get to keep an eye on what goes on at school, and I get back into a little "teaching mode". I was actually asked if I would like to start a little French class at the co-op next year. I would be delighted to do so. I am also thinking about going back to work. I know I still need to tend to Zoé's needs and it might be another two or three years before I can fully dedicate myself to a full-time job, but we'll see what the future holds as far as work goes.
I think about going back to school to study Child Development and getting teaching credentials in Early Childhood Education. I don't know whether I could go back to teaching high school English Lit with term papers and essays to grade till the wee hours...
I was also told I could work as an aid for a child with special needs. I think that could be interesting. I feel that I now have an expert eye when it comes to children with special needs. I think I might give it a try.

Zoé has been having fun working on Easter bunnies and reading tons of new books. She is also fully involved in the world of fairies and princesses. She has incredible imaginative skills and makes up these amazing stories. She also relishes being the doctor and me being the patient. She takes my temperature, gives me shots and cough medicine...

SNAP is ongoing fun in the pool and Zoé enjoys going underwater. I was told I need to buy her goggles as she is eager to play Jacques Cousteau and dive underwater to go fetch seahorses the aid throws in!

We celebrated our first Passover seder last night and will do again tonight. Zoé got to find the hidden piece of Matzo, the Afikomen, and enjoyed the festive candle lights and songs.

We will probably go egg hunting this weekend as we also celebrate Easter.

Dad's birthday is around the corner (on the 25th) and I anticipate a bittersweet week ahead tinged with sadness of past memories.

I leave you with fun-filled pictures of Zoé's week: balance beaming, hairdressing and fun school projects.
Ps: sorry for the quality of some pictures but they were taken with my phone...

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