Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too many questions...

"Zoé has a lot of attention, doesn't she?" Her tone annoyed me. Funny enough, I get really hurt by people who constantly ask me about Zoé. David, who came to Zoé's school today, thought the woman was friendly and trying to start a conversation. I hurt me. This mom was asking who the 2 women surrounding Zoé were. So again, I had to explain that no, the one in the grey sweater was not an au pair, but an aid, or shadow if you will, and that the one in the red sweater was a physical therapist.
It was really hurtful, I guess I am too sensitive these days and just want people to leave us alone. Zoé has been getting attention since she was 4 months old and her first PT came to our little flat in NYC to this day. It is a constant feature of our life.
Zoé gets attention and I guess she's quite lucky. I should look at the silver lining and relish in the fact that, yes she needs help, and thanks to those two women, her aid and PT, Zoé will find her way and excel in what she likes to do.
My little butterfly. She is constantly moving from one thing to the next, from one activity table to another, from reading a book to singing a song.
That is her personality and I love it.
School has been really good for Zoé. She goes to a French Montessori-based school where there is good structure, and to an American Preschool that is play-based. I like the mix, it makes for a richer life to learn to apply when needed and to learn to choose what it is that she wants to do.
Then daycare where Zoé has tons of fun with her longtime friends. Where she is treated just like any other kid, ready to conquer the train table or the wooden blocks.

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