Sunday, October 24, 2010

Terrible twos a misnomer...

Well, Zoé is almost three and we are about to turn the page on the wonderful twos...Terrific or terrible threes are around the corner, and oh boy, what a journey ahead. I am told to not fret for it only lasts a year...I can't wait.
Zoé is into controlling mode:
"I read it", "I do it", "It's mine", "je le fais", "non, c'est moi qui chante", "Je lis le livre", etc.
"NON" will probably be the leitmotiv for the next 365 days, or so. Zoé is not even three yet (December 1st).
I have been going to a "Welcome to Toddlerhood" support group, where we all, frazzled parents, looked like we were attending an AA Meeting!!! hahaha. '"how to deal with tantrums, biting, refusing cooperation, eating issues", thank goodness we don't have to deal with tantrums, Zoé is a great eater and isn't into biting or hitting. She's more into control mode, doing things her way, in her own time.
I was told that the best way for things to go smoothly is to:
make her my little helper, giving her chores, making her feel important, etc.
Positive reinforcement being the motto, and trying to be patient.
If you scream at the top of your lungs, they have won the battle, so stay calm, stay zen, relax. Easier said than done.
Right now Zoé is napping, we are so lucky that she's the greatest sleeper ever: 12 hours a night and 2 hours in the afternoons.
Never had to stress over that.
We've had a couple of fun visitors at home:
Uncle Diran came from France, he enjoyed taking Zoé to the Oakland Museum of Modern Art, Grammy Gina has just arrived from NYC for the next two weeks and in three weeks Nanny comes from France. Halloween is looming and then it's the Big 3 birthday party that I need to work on.
What else is new otherwise?
We are awaiting our new pair of AFOS (Ankle foot orthotics), driving to Sacramento on Tuesday to see the surgeon for Zoé's post-op meeting.
Her IEP (individualized Educational Plan) will probably be in the second week of November and we are going to be big time advocates. I feel I've acquired a lot of the necessary skills to advocate for Zoé, though there is still much room for improvement. I need to learn not to fret about hurting people's feelings. It is what is best for Zoé, what I want her to have, to help her be at ease with her peers, be able to walk and play on the playground, etc.
Zoé will graduate from PIP on December 1st and I grieve already for the loss of great friends, wonderful support group, and invaluable tips about parenting a child with Special Needs!
I am sure we'll keep in touch, but my two hours of respite from taking care of Zoé, are my lifeline. Ok some days I am not in the mood to share, but I can listen to others and it helps to put things into perspective. Never take things for granted, because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.
With these final words of wisdom, I leave you for I now have to go through all the medical bills that need filing!
Enjoy what is left of the weekend.

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