Monday, September 6, 2010

Potty Training and other back to school stuff

Well, yes, the time has come....after much reflecting, advice seeking, tips sharing, we are now in full mode. Potty training Part 1.
Zoé likes to sit on it. Exploring the feeling, doing like mommy, then nothing happens, but what the heck, another new thing to do.
Then, we borrowed Kieran's "Cheer-for-me-Potty", which has a sensor. I will let your imagination run wild, and the first time Zoé did it, I had forgotten to put the "on" button, so we didn't get the chime...she still likes to pretend flush and wipe herself.

So, I am letting Zoé go commando, and the one thing I do not want to do is put pressure. I would simply like to save the planet from adding diapers to landfills and also have Zoé be more independent. She will do it in her own time, so I am not worried.

On a different note, I have been looking into pre-schools and have found one that seems really good, "La Maison des Enfants", a little French Montessori school. 6 kids per class, Zoé will "start" on September 20th. That means we shall check it out on that day, and the teacher will let us know if we can stay. It will be a bit of a drive: 35 minutes, but being in California, I guess I'll fit right in. We will only do it once a week until December, when PIP ends. Zoé might then attend it twice a week. We'll save daycare one day a week, for I want Zoé to keep in touch with her friends there.

Slowly but surely, I feel that I will become less involved in programs that Moms don't have to attend. It will feel good to go for a walk while Zoé is in class, or simply go to Starbucks, book in hand to read or write or catch up on the New York Times.
Of course, I will still need to juggle therapies: Occupational, physical, and speech...but I don't know it any other way. It's actually hard to try to schedule things so that I don't overtire Zoé. She really is on the move non stop.

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