Thursday, July 15, 2010

When it rains it storms

My heart is aching as I write this. Indeed, Zoé's two grandfathers are leaving us and I grieve for Zoé's loss.
I will fill you in as soon as I find the strength to do so, in the meantime, enjoy Zoé's pix.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah, David and Zoe,
We read with great saddeness that your Fathers' and Zoe's Grandfathers' are leaving you. But we feel that after the storm clears a bit, there will be bright and sunny memories of two special Fathers' that deeply impacted your lives.
While we did not know Larry, we will remember Jean as a gifted scientist, devoted husband, Father and Grandfather. His quiet, easy,and elegant charm was a pleasure to be around. A conversation with Jean was like a science class laced with a little humor thrown in and a rare ability to tell wonderful stories about his work and journeys to the floor of the sea.
We fondly remember his quick wit and playful conversations with your Mom Sarah, and the deep love that they had for one another and for family. You will be blessed with all he taught you and all the love he bestowed upon you. May they both rest in peace.
We send our prayers to you and to your families during this very difficult time in your lives.
With love, Catherine and Pieter