Monday, May 17, 2010

Orthopedics Gear

Posted by PicasaJust a selection of what Zoé has had to endure for the last couple of months, from Pretty-in-pink colors to butterflies and flowers. Her new ones are going to be fancy: flower power and ladybugs. You will be seeing them soon enough...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah and David.. just back from NYC and missed seeing Gina but perhaps next visit or in SF when she visits you all in the future.
As for Zoe's flower power and ladybugs, remember that ladybugs are GOOD LUCK!!! I gave Danielle a small Faberge ladybug box I found at MOMA (after viewing the wonderful Picasso exhibit) for good luck. We have always loved Elmo and I am now amused with "Talking Carl" which is on my Iphone. If you don't know of him, check it out because he could be a source of amazing entertainment for Zoe.

We continue to keep loving and positive thoughts for the surgery on June 2. Zoe is an amazing and strong willed little girl and we have no doubt that she will come through the surgery with flying colors. Speaking of colors, love the red glasses!!!

Sarah said...

Hi Catherine,
Thank you so much for your kind support and positive vibes.
I will be sure to check out Talking Carl.
Sending warm hugs,
Sarah and Co