Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kafka versus Fairyland

I should be cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry while Zoé is napping, but I'd rather do something more creative, like updating you on our latest news.

Maybe I should start with the Kafkaesque status of the American medical system, or maybe I should rather mention the insurance companies and their warped ways of doing things.
I spent half of my day off on the phone yesterday dealing with pre-authorization, pre-certification and pre-notifications for Zoé's upcoming appointments.
Indeed, next week we have speech therapy on Monday, ophthalmology and audiology clinic on Tuesday, then we go up to Sacramento on Friday to meet with Dr. Macdonald about Zoé's upcoming surgery and her need of AFO's.

Our insurance company requires of us to make all the pre-notifications regarding appointments. If you forget one, which I did in January while I was jet lagged, I am entitled to one free pass in a lifetime, wow, how generous. Isn't failure human??? NOT IN THE KAFKAESQUE WORLD OF THE BUREAUCRACY WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH while undergoing major stress for other reasons...okay, I know I should not vent like that, but the blog is cathartic and therapeutic. It's my own therapy!

So I got all my pre-notes, but I mustn't forget to pre-note for Zoé's cardiology clinic appointment which will be the following week. Notice how I handle the jargon pretty well...

I also had to deal with speech therapy and the fact that our insurance would only cover 60% of the cost with an out-of-network provider, but I battled for more than an hour about the fact that since they couldn't provide me with an in-network speech pathologist, I had no choice but to get services outside. Well, after much aggravation, I managed to advocate for Zoé's needs and hurray!!!!! they will cover 90% of the cost. It does pay to keep the fight on.

I also called a number of ranches to see whether we could get Zoé into a hippotherapy program and the only place I found is in Palo Alto. It might be worth the drive and the money... After her surgery it might be the only thing she can do. We were told that while in her casts, Zoé might lose the strength she got in her upper body, so if we could get her on a horse, then she could just work on strength training: trunk control, neck and shoulder work while strapped to the horse, she could then work her hips as well.

I will have to come up with a lot of ideas to keep her happy. All suggestions are welcome, if you have any ideas to keep my Zoé busy and happy while in her casts. We might have to invest in a swing set for the backyard, we'll do a lot of collage, painting, get frozen yogurt down the road and maybe use plastic bags and duck tape around her legs when we do water play at the kitchen sink...I shall keep you informed do not fear.

After all this venting I must say that no matter what, Zoé still manages to beat the odds, to conquer what is at hand: the 3 little pigs'house at Fairyland, the lion-shaped water fountain and Daddy's tender arms.

Zoé also enjoyed Aunty Wendy's visit last week and got many treats: Elmo's t-shirt and cute dresses for her wardrobe.

The magical realm of Fairyland changed Zoé into our Little Red Riding Hat.

Much love to y'all.


Fiamma said...

What a beautiful post, Ms. Berman!
Your little Zoe is to die for!
I;ve missed you guys! Glad you are home safely, with all the volcano activity!! Zoe looks so very big, where has your baby gone?
Some fun things I have done lately to keep the kiddos occupied was: go buy painters tape and make "tracks
" with it on the floor for trains and cars and build little houses to house them. Not sure if Zoe is into cars, but she might like it!
we also bought lemons and apples and cut them into different shapes and put them in paint and then paper- and it makes for some interesting paintings!
That picture of Zoe and her daddy is to die for!
Wish I lived closer, me and Zoe would be great playmates- she never ceases to amaze me, with all she continues to conquer!
You are one lucky Momma! She is such an inspiration!
Lots of love, and thank you for continuing to update us on Zoe!
on Wednesday, I will be done with my first year of college, surreal!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much Fiamma. I might try your lemon and apple painting project, though Zoé has such an appetite that she might want to eat them.

Congrats on your first year of college, as much surreal for you as it is for me....I am getting old!

Anonymous said...

I just reread my post and I am an embarrassment! So many mistakes in a post to my English teacher. There is no excuse... I apologize. Must have been painful to read! "were" " me an Zoe would. Disaster!! So sorry! Anyway, I've missed you guys! So glad you are bakc and I'll try to make fewer mistakes- my excuse is sleep deprivation thanks to finals but those are horrific mistakes. Very embarrassed. Much love!

Anne said...

désolée d'apprendre qu'en plus des soucis journaliers, les assurances te font des ennuis. Lorsque je vois les problèmes que nous avons pour obtenir des remboursements sur nos soins dentaires "classiques", je ne peux qu'imaginer la paprasserie dans laquelle tu nages ! Courage ma Sarah !
Pour les activités de Zoé il y a les stickers ! Mellissa & Doug font des supers bouquins avec des petites figurines à habller. Muguet les adore et je dois avouer que ça l'occupe bien. Il y a aussi les projets mosaïques (encore des stickers), peintures avec les doigts, activités Kumon (découpage, pliage...)
Lego, memory, cuisine...