Thursday, March 4, 2010

I speak, you speak, he/she speaks

Zoé had her second speech evaluation today. Funny enough, this is the ONE area I have no concerns about. Zoé is a chatter box and a real singer. She had the therapist crack up as she was singing:
"In the jungle, the midy jungle, the lion seep tounyt...awimboe, awimboe, awimboe..."
and she finished off the session singing her classic "Frère Jacques". The therapist mentioned putting Zoé on YOU TUBE!

To sum up, I was told that Zoé is slightly below her age group, but considering she is bilingual, she is doing GREAT!
That's done! (Check mark)

Tomorrow comes her second pair of glasses, we almost went for the Harry Potter look, round, but opted for the more fashionable rectangle eyeglasses, and went for aqua blue. (Check mark)

We bought her 3rd pair of shoes, for the trip to France: pink and white, with velcro (Check mark).

She had her clinic apt, the 6-month visit to see where she is at, she is walking, so that was an A+. Of course, I should let you know that Zoé cannot walk miles, but at least 10 to 15 steps alone. She will in time, be quite independent. She always finds a way to go about, holding doors, tables, walls, counters...endless opportunities to explore the world at hand. (Check mark)

So as the days go by, we check the list of all the wonderful milestones Zoé has accomplished (Singing, painting, stringing Cheerios into necklaces, having fun at the zoo), and eagerly await the future ones.

On Tuesday morning (3/10) we are driving up to Shreiners Children's Hospital to see an orthopedist surgeon. Two opinions are never enough. David is taking the day off and we are going for a family day trip. It should be fun to visit U.C. Davis and the surroundings. We will then decide what to do in terms of surgery: Stanford, Oakland or Sacramento...when we get back in April.

As some of you may know, we are leaving for France very soon, next Wednesday, to see our family and regroup. I will try to keep you informed in the interim, but if not I will make sure to keep you posted on Zoé's progress as soon as we return, on April 15th.
Till then, we send you hugs and kisses!

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Fiamma said...

OH, I'll miss you guys!
Zoe, you rock my socks! You are blowing me away. a new milestone! but, I wouldn't want it any other way!
You make my day! and please keep making it!
Have a wonderful time in France, Ms Berman and Miss Zoe!
Love you guys!