Thursday, February 18, 2010

On mange ensemble (We eat together)

New sentences are bursting out of Zoé's mouth, amazing I tell you.
We've been stretching her mouth, her face, and we will start Kinesio taping on her face, this time, as we think it can strengthen her muscles, jaw and cheeks.(See what a Mommy won't do for her daughter, I had to put the tape on too!!!)

This is what she's been saying:
On Mange ensemble
Elles ecoutent pas (they don't listen)
J'ai glissé (I slipped)
Change la couche, est mouillée (Change the diaper, it's wet)
La banane est tombée (the banana fell)...

It's amazing to see how language develops. It pops out of nowhere and seems like a magical spell that befalls these little kids.
It's surreal, and I am in complete awe.

Support group in PIP was emotional today as we spoke about the birth of our children, how for some of us it was the start of an arduous life to come, or how the birth itself was not what we had imagined, how unprepared we were to face the challenging times ahead. No matter what, I don't think one is ever prepared. You anticipate, you imagine, but all I can say is that there is nothing like it.
It is probably the most amazing time in our life. I like the saying, "we don't remember days, we remember moments", and that is so true. The moment in time when you are absolutely no longer in control of anything, when you simply have to let go, because, no matter what, there is no stopping "the machine" is coming and will forever alter the course of your life.

For all of us, moms in the support group, it did alter it big time, but for the better is what I want to say. In a way, we were ill prepared to face these challenges, but we were transformed, shaped and are now stronger for that matter.
We did admit that it is OK to cry and be sad, and let go, and curse, and grieve, but we know we can also celebrate these times of joy and elation. The little sentences Zoé can now make, how she communicates her desires, and what she doesn't want by repeating :"No No No" 5 times in a row! I love it!

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