Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Wow! I have just started Yoga in Oakland. After going to a Iyengar yoga class in France, with Mom, I got hooked. So I decided upon a New Year's Resolution, that I would quit my gym membership and start on a more regular yoga schedule. It is much better for my body, for the symptoms of MMD are creeping and are exacerbated by stress. Yoga helps me feel more relaxed, more grounded in a way and is exactly what I need.
Tonight was my first session at the YMCA and I loved it.
I need stress free activities, also due to the fact that we've started casting again. Poor Zoé, she is such a trooper. She is teething big time, with her secondary molars and has to suffer the cast. We'll take it off on Friday and see how much range she's gained. Please pray for it to work. In the meantime she is enjoying super quality time with her Grammy Gigi that has come from NYC to spend 2 weeks with us.
Namaste to y'all.

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