Monday, November 16, 2009

Mommy's Day Off and Super Daddy

I just spent a fun-filled 48 hours with Anne and Caroline who came from Brittany all the way to San Francisco for 48 hours!
They stayed with us one night, in Piedmont and Zoé adopted them immediately as "Nanou" and "Carline".
We then left David in charge of Zoé and the household and left for San Francisco to paint the town red. Well, we were actually very good:we went shopping, dining out and spent the night at the Mariott, courtesy of Caroline and Air France!
I must admit it felt good to be "free" of daily chores and I really was happy David and his Daddy's girl could take this time off to bond and have fun.
David "cooked" 4 meals for Zoé, took her to the sandbox, on a walk, for a slice of pizza and even gave her a bath!!! He took her to our PT the next day so she could see Zoé's foot.
I think it was good for David to get a feel of what our daily routine is like. He can have a greater appreciation of it all.
So casting starts again on Wednesday and then after 2 possible series, new AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotics) on the "bad foot", and we'll be able to go to France to spend time with "Taty and Nanny" aka Papy (Grandpa) and Nanny.
I really look forward to sharing QT with everyone in France.
Until our departure we have much to do: stretching the foot, massaging, brushing it with the little surgical brush we use.
Hope this finds you all well, ready to start preparing for Thanksgiving and the Xmas and Hanukkah holidays fast approaching.
Till then, we send our love.


Fiamma said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!
That is quite a feat for David! My father would have NEVER done that- glad you had a great time- most of the mommies I know took a break from their kiddies this week and said that the worst was that they didn;t even miss them... that is how much mommies need a break!
I can't wait till Christmas! It is going to be so nice to go sledding and skiing and sitting by the fire with the family!!! but ive got to wait a bit longer! Love to Zoe! i bet she was delighted to see you when you got back- fun to see thier reactions after being gone.
Love from NYC! Fiamma and family

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, David and Zoe,

We were delighted to learn that Sarah had a day to herself with friends in San Francisco, always the perfect city to paint red!

Sounds like David handled everything at home with Zoe just fine. The devotion you both give to Zoe is undoubtedly the reason that she is doing so well. When I see her photos, I can see a little girl deep in thought and looking very smart!

NYC was fantastic with the NY Marathon, World Series and the Ticker Tape Parade. What a coincidence that you and David lived just two blocks from Danielle's new home! Danielle loves living in Manhattan and I loved being with her. I can remember your Mom Sarah, telling me about your trip to Viet Nam together. What a wonderful thing to have our daughters be our best friends!

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for Sarah's blog and for being able to share in the joy of Zoe's life and progress. We are thankful to know you all.

Sarah, please give your Mom and Dad a big hug from the Speyer's when you get home to France.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels...

Catherine and Pieter