Monday, October 12, 2009

Serial Casting Episode 3--to be continued


We are off to have the foot serial casted later today after Zoé's nap. I need to get everything organized: snacks, toys, DVD of favorite songs, sippy cup and comfy clothes for Zoé to feel fully prepared. After a 10 day-hiatus we are back in full force and I hope that this time we can leave it on and see how well it can correct Zoé's foot.
She has so much desire, she is craving the walk she will soon be able to accomplish on her own. It is unbelievable how much she wants to be up on her own two feet and cruise around.

This morning we went to our occupational therapy session and Kitty told me that Zoé is a very tactile girl, she loves to retrieve little toys hidden in huge vats full of dried beans, she just loves to dig in and out, throw beans everywhere, I guess she's ready for my next Chili Con Carne...She also learned how to eat with a toothpick, working on fine motor skills and self feeding,looked like a cocktail party without the cocktails. Very cute! She sipped on her own mocktail!

This w-e Zoé excelled at her favorite pastime: up and down the slide on her own, climbing the big steps, slipping with the new AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotics), but to no avail would she be stopped.
She probably went up and down 40 times. She also loved pushing her shopping cart full of fruits and veggies, bouncing on exercise balls and playing around.
We did all this at a play cafe near our home, where once the admission has been payed she gets to fully enjoy herself and I get to sip on a latte, while I keep an eye on our little climber. I'll have to bring my camera next time.

In terms of communication Zoé can now say:
I did it!!!
teur ta dede : pleure pas bebe (Don't cry baby, when she plays with her doll)
she sings: head shoulder knees and toes, which sounds more like: he shol nees to
and Ring Around the Rosie: we all fall daoun!!!
I lov youuuu is also one of her favorites.
She gets the last word of the blog!

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