Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

HUGE news and amazing one for both David and I.
Zoé left our house with her walker, [that she calls "chacha" for her mentor, Charlotte, has one] and cruised all the way down Rose Avenue, turned left on Linda and walked two blocks to Beach School.
She even stopped traffic as a car had to stay at the stop sign to let us cross over to the other side, where Daddy was cheerleading her on.
She had to be carried onto the school playground, but she reached her destination safe and sound: not grandma's house, with the wolf waiting for her, but the shiny slide and the tire swing with Maman.
Such delight, another victory, one more trophy to carve in her name.


Catherine Speyer said...

Sarah, I am wondering if this enthusiastic journey of Zoe's to the school might be an indication that she loves school? Whatever it was, it IS impressive! Hugs, Catherine

Irina said...

ZOe is a trooper! what a strength in her arms. you'll have her soon run to your arms!!!