Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walker Wonderland

Wow, I don't know what to say, Zoé is now in her little "wonderland" of independence. She is "up and running", and nothing seems to stop her.

Monday, June 29th will forever be engraved in our memory. Zoé went for a stroll with her CCS friend, Charlotte. Her strong-willed playmate who gave Zoé the desire to be walking with her. We left the building of CCS and onto the playground, bubbles in the sky, back into the building, all the way down the hall to the washbasin, and back again to the doll houses.

Charlotte would turn around and chime in:"Go Zo!!", "You're doing great, Zoé". Such amazing emulation!!! It was beautiful:
to watch
to feel
to experience
Tears in my eyes, I felt blessed, but refrained from crying. I am savoring these moments and I am "saving" those tears for the day Zoé stands up and walks without any help, just my hand in hers and she leading me towards more blissful moments...

I recently read an article in The New York Times about a father raising his daughter whose mother died last year of a sudden undiagnosed disorder. This is what he said, and I thought I would share it with you, for it really strikes a chord in me.

"Living together [Simon Van Booy, and his daugther Madeleine, 4] means that we sometimes have to manufacture our own kind of happiness, because the world's idea of it is so out of sync with our reality."

Beautiful truth and it's this whole idea of the manufacturing that I like.
Building our own path to success, brick by brick, or step by step, like giant leaps, even though they seem minute, they are unreal.
I will leave you with this quote and these pictures of Zoé with her pals: Charlotte and Manav, riding along in their walkers towards "wonderland" the next exit!

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bahar said...

Oh Sarah - it has been so amazing to watch Zoe and Manav enter their new walking "Wonderland" together. I have noticed that Manav is also going through increased separation anxiety, and someone suggested that achieving a milestone like walking can be quite scary for little ones and they may not be ready to fully grasp their new-found independence. I know for Manav walking can be thrilling, yet frightening for him...

I just feel so blessed that we get to experience "Holland" together :)

I am so thankful for that Bananas workshop!

hugs, bahar