Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Small Step for Zoé; One Giant Leap for Mommy

Zoé has started some sort of cruising.

I don't want to set expectations too high, but I am ecstatic.

I can see her making teeny, weeny steps, but these are giant momentous footsteps.

She is trying so hard, it makes my heart skip two beats everytime I see her making attempts.

I have been feeling really upbeat. Things are looking up.

Big milestones:

April 23rd: Zoé can stand up from the ground. She no longer requires a stool, or chair to do so.

May 22nd: Zoé is standing in her crib, when I go in to pick her up from her nap, for the first time. She hasn't done it since, but I remember thinking about that moment for so long, that her image standing there, behind the white bars of her little crib, is forever engraved in my memory!

It makes me think of this analogy one of our Support Group Moms mentioned: we have all these expectations for our children, being in a soccer league, taking ballet classes, and then there is the acknowledgement of the LOSS we may feel, when we put that book on the shelf and are never sure we'll ever get to read it (The Ballet, Soccer Book).

I like to think of chapters.

In my book of Zoé's life, I see a lot of wonderful chapters, and yes, maybe in appendix we'll have the ballet class she'll never attend, but the world is her oyster, sky is the limit when you want to believe in it. The silver lining is what she will accomplish, in her own way, on her own time.

Doctors are the Cliff notes we might need to read the book along the way, but those are medical notes, records.

Zoé cannot be pigeon-holed or labeled in such a way, She will surprise all of us, with her willpower, her energy, stamina, and the endless and boundless desire she has to be independent. She masters climbing and for now, that is all that matters. Ballet classes seem so far...

The one small step for Zoé is one giant leap for Maman.

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